Welcome To Crucified Life Ministries

We would like to take a brief moment to say thanks and welcome you to the site. Crucified Life Ministries is currently serving on the mission field of Costa Rica teaching the Scriptures from a Hebraic perspective.

We pray the information contained within this site will help you dig further into the Word, encouraging you to walk out your salvation with fear and trembling. Our desire is to proclaim the message of restoration through Y’shua the Messiah to the whosoever’s of today.

Who Is Crucified Life Ministries

The mission that YHVH has delivered to Crucified Life Ministries is to impact and influence people in the area of recognizing, understanding, and achieving their vision.
The vision that Yahweh has assigned to Crucified Life Ministries is to provide an international training platform that trains, equips, prepares, raises up, and releases spiritual sons and daughters to be fellow laborers in the harvest by giving them the proper tools and hands on experience that empowers them to fulfill the call and purpose that the God of Israel has specifically given to them.
Our passion comes from the purpose to generate in others a burning desire to follow the Creator of the Universe, His Scripture, and His son Y’shua the Messiah, a burning desire for missions, and a burning desire to see people progress from being a follower to being the leader they were created to be.
The destiny of Crucified Life Ministries is to establish networks of believers who can reproduce and duplicate themselves, ultimately raising up generation after generation of believers in Y’shua the Messiah trained and sent out to positively influence humanity, to positively contribute to the transformation of their generation, to positively influence their family, to positively influence their religious and local communities, and to positively influence their nation.

Meet The Founder

Joel Sanchez
Joel SanchezMinister
Joel’s messages will challenge you to stop ‘talking’ about the Scripture and begin living it with others through your ACTIONS. His messages are simple penetrating deep into the heart in order to examine our motives and agendas.

Costa Rica (Central America)