The “dunghill test” is part of the final exam before we get our commission papers from the King!!! Why? The dunghill teaches us how to rule with the heart of a servant and always reminds us of where we have come from. 

What you are faithful with NOW is the most important thing DETERMINING what the Creator will give you next.

Because whats NEXT is ALWAYS CONNECTED to what is NOW!!!

When we are in TRANSITION, whether ministry or life, we must not give in to the temptation of chasing after what we think is next and neglect what YHVH IS DOING now!

What we are doing NOW and HOW we are doing it, determines what YHVH will bring us NEXT!!!

Many times we freak out when YHVH removes or takes away something from our lives. We must always diligently look for what is LEFT BEHIND or ‘LAYING ON THE GROUND’ because THAT is what we NEED to MOVE FORWARD into WHAT IS NEXT!!!

If we aren’t faithful in the NOW, we will not be PREPARED to SUSTAIN the NEXT!!! IDENTITY LEADS TO ACTIVITY!!!

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