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I’ve touched on the issue of discipleship over the past few months basically explaining how important it was.  I never really went

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Method & Mission

 In the creation of Captains Cocoa Company, I’ve learned a lot of new things spiritually and physically.  A great friend and

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Reaching In & Reaching Out

9Departing from there, He went into their synagogue. 10And a man was there whose hand was withered. And they questioned Jesus, asking,

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My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings.  Do not let them depart from your eyes; 

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Go and Be

Did you know the Creator of the Universe is a missionary?  Did you know the Messiah of our faith was also

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Spiritual Cost Benefit Analysis

I accidentally ran across a phrase several weeks ago that I’ve never heard before. It caused my wheels to turn as

Spiritual Cost Benefit Analysis 2017-11-01T12:33:13+00:00

Your Place in the World

One of the biggest struggles that people wrestle with today is where they ‘fit in’. Teens especially know what I’m talking about

Your Place in the World 2017-04-13T13:20:01+00:00

Call of Duty

Call of duty is a legal term describing the necessity to carry out a job or duty.  It is used many times

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Thoughts, Actions, Habits, Characters, and Destinies

Many times people don’t give their choices much thought.  This rings true for many children and teens.  Usually, the younger the person

Thoughts, Actions, Habits, Characters, and Destinies 2017-02-01T00:46:49+00:00