Division and strife have sidetracked us to the real issue of why we walk as we do.  We have fallen to having the mere form of something religious instead of functioning in the power and might of YHVH which brings honor and glory to our King.  The teachings of Rico Cortes, www.wisdomintorh.com, Ryan White, www.rooted-in-torah.com, and Daniel McGirr, www.ancientcovenant.com, have caused me to revisit a message that I did back in 2002 and their understandings have brought forth a deeper understanding in my life.  I want to share those understanding with you as well.

In this message Joel shares from his heart through comparing and contrasting our lives as western believers to believers in the communist country of Vietnam.  The stories that you will hear in this message are true and Joel met with these people and heard their testimonies face to face and touched their badges of honor (scars).  These Vietnam believers are the reason why Crucified Life Ministries began.  Their ‘witness’ exposed his religion and convicted him to the point that he didn’t even know if he was ‘saved’ or not.  The gospel that they LIVED exposed the gospel that he just talked about to everyone.  Joel’s prayer is  that you would listen to this and hear his heart and allow the lives of our dear brothers in Vietnam to speak to your spirit.  After hearing their testimonies, he humbly asks you to ask yourself a simple question.  Is all the stuff that we fight and divide over really worth it?  And then compare those things we fight over to the witness of these precious believers.  He thinks the answer will be clear and he prays that the Ruach jerks a knot in all of us through this message and we get our acts together and mature.

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