Joel sits down with Dusti Howell and talks about the orphanage project.  For Dusti’s bio click here.  Many materials we use can be found online for free, but there will be other materials that aren’t free.  This is where you guys come in.

Materials we need donated or purchased for the project:

  • Two Microsoft Office 365 yearly subscriptions $99.99 each  (10 total PC’s or Mac installations as well as 10 tablet installations)
  • 1 iPad Pro (someone already donated this)
  • 3 Mac Minis $499 each
  • 1 smart board (Can be built for $100)
  • Cuisenaire rod kit  ($43)
  • 3 Arduino Kits ($304.50)

Here’s some links and more specifics for those that want to help out.

Homemade Smart Board

If someone can volunteer to create a Smart Board for around $100, that would be great. Here are some links on how to do that. If we don’t hear anything by mid-November, I’ll take this off the list and see if I can get a university student to help make this. Here are some links on how to do this. (There must be an update on this. This shows how to build a $40 smartboard back in 2009. It is likely around $100 now but might require an older Wii remote. I don’t know. Here’s a more recent paper on this from 2013… (This short paper shows how to do this in a few steps).


Arduino Kit comprises of the three items below

  1. Elegoo Mega 2560 Project The Most Complete Ultimate Starter Kit w/ TUTORIAL for Arduino Mega2560 UNO Nano ($65)

  1. Elegoo 37-in-1 Sensor Module Kit for Arduino UNO R3, MEGA, NANO ($28)

  1. Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches, Second Edition (Tab) 2nd Edition by Simon Monk (Author) ($8.50)

These items are $65 + $28 + $8.50 = $101.50. Three of these kits cost $304.50.


Cuisenaire rod kit to use with the Silent Way on teaching ($43) One kit for now. We can buy more later.

Here’s a good wooden one.

Dusti is currently working on curriculum materials and assessment packages. This will take a few weeks to track down. He is getting in touch with other TESOL experts, to figure out the best direction to take.  He is a bit more concerned with how much the assessment packages might cost. Some of them might be pricey.  These assessment packages assess where the orphans are at education wise.  These are very important to help us group the children together in the beginning so we can teach them at their level and not waste time while teaching the program trying to figure out who learns quicker or might be more advanced.

If you feel led to help purchase for the orphans the above items, please email Joel.  Blessings.