C.L.M. is very diverse in the way it functions and currently serves and administrates its following projects:

The first free of charge International Hebrew Roots Missions Training Center that equips, trains, raises up, and releases believers to fulfill their call and purpose by becoming workers in the harvest.

One of the co-founders currently serving as a leader and a coordinator of the International Hebrew Roots Teens With A Mission annual youth camp for teens from the U.S. held in Costa Rica. www.hrtwam.com (this camp is free of charge to the campers with the exception of their airfare)

A co-founder currently serving as the main leader and main coordinator of the first Hebrew Roots Teens With A Mission annual youth camp for Costa Rican teens. (this camp is free of charge to the Costa Rican campers)

Founder and editor of the publication, Restoration Project Costa Rica, which is C.L.M.’s monthly outreach newsletter that goes into the homes of Christian and Messianic/Hebrew Roots believers in the U.S.   

Founder and director since 2011 of a permanent annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration with Costa Rican Messianic/Hebrew Roots believers.  In 2014, this permanent celebration branched out to incorporate brethren from Panama, Nicaragua, and the United States and will continue in this direction.

Administrator of Beit Lechem Farm, C.L.M.’s seventy acre farm, which is used to raise crops not only for my family but to give away to needy families in the village.  The garden aspect of this farm is used to teach prophecy and spiritual principals to the participants of the missions training center as well as to the viewers of C.L.M.’s Youtube page.  Beit Lechem Farm has also become a great witnessing tool that empowers us to not just “talk Torah” but live Torah with those around us.  C.L.M. uses Beit Lechem Farm to host and celebrate the appointed times of YHVH, to hold leadership meetings for the Costa Rican association Tiendas de los hijos de Yosef, to host leadership meetings for the teen camps, to host the teens from the youth camps for a day, host the training center, house the training center participants, and to host retreats for U.S. and Costa Rican family and friends.

In 2011 C.L.M founded and currently directs, Tiendas de los hijos de Yosef, (The tents of Yosef’s children). This is a Costa Rican Messianic/Hebrew Roots Association made up of different fellowships from different areas of Costa Rica.  It is a network of people and ministries that work together to build solid, healthy relationships for natural and spiritual purposes.  The vision of Tiendas de los hijos de Yosef is to be an association made up of believers, ministers, and ministries from different communities that lay aside our pet doctrines that cause division and strife in order to walk together in unity demonstrating our love for YHVH and our love for our neighbor in obedience to His Torah thus bringing glory to His name.

Jovenes de Tiendas is a group of Costa Rican teens that are members of the association Tiendas de los hijos de Yosef.  This group of teens formed themselves after the first Hebrew Roots Teens With A Mission youth camp, and C.L.M. oversees this group as well.  This group currently works twice a month with an orphanage in Moravia, Costa Rica, travels once a month to different Messianic/Hebrew Roots communities within Costa Rica to lead the full shabbat service (prayers, praise and worship, dance, and torah study), leads the full shabbat program during the Feast of Tabernacles, and has their own monthly newsletter publication.

C.L.M. frequently visits the Messianic/Hebrew Roots communities that make up Tiendas de los hijos de Yosef in order to encourage the leaders as well as the members in their communities.  C.L.M. doesn’t usurp, rule, or control these communities.  These communities are their own communities, and C.L.M.’s job is to support and serve them by helping them go forward with accomplishing the vision that YHVH has specifically given each one of these fellowships.

Evangelism is an important project for C.L.M. but not the traditional way of knocking on someone’s door and getting them pray Y’shua into their hearts.  C.L.M.’s main way of doing evangelism is through construction projects. This is our way of living Torah with those around us no matter if they are Torah observant or not.  Some construction projects that C.L.M. has done in the past are as follows: replacing a roof on a widows house, building a Messianic fellowship a building with bathrooms to meet in, gutting and completely remodeling a widow’s kitchen and bathroom, putting a sheetrock ceiling in for a small rural elementary school, and my wife remodeling a widow’s kitchen, living room, and floor.  I wasn’t present for the last project because every year during the months of July and August I travel to Alaska to work a secular job on a seining boat for salmon in order to put food on our table and also to help support the work of the ministry in Costa Rica.