This is a very unique camp that is set apart from all other Hebrew Roots teen camps.  The reasons why this camp is unique are as follows:  It is, to our knowledge, the first international Hebrew Roots camp.  The camp is mobile and not stationary.  We travel to different locations doing many different projects that we use to teach, equip, and train the teens from.  We don’t “baby sit” nor focus on just having fun all the time, even though we do fun things.  This camp focuses on raising up leaders who can impact their families, communities, and nation for the Creator of the Universe.  The teens are instructed by adults who have been walking and living the Torah for multiple decades.  The teens also receive hands on experience and missions training from a Hebrew Roots missionary that has lived in Costa Rica for eleven years and has worked in almost all of the Central American countries as well as Jamaica and Vietnam.  The teens experience a different country, culture, and language as well as receive a totally different perspective about life.  At the end of this camp, the teens acquire a clear understanding that they are called to make a difference in someone else’s life and that going to a study or a boring service isn’t all there is in living this life or walking with the Creator of the Universe. It’s about living the Scriptures, not just in front of people but living the Scriptures with others through our actions.  At the end of this camp, the teens understand that their purpose and future isn’t somewhere ahead of them but inside of them that must be released daily.  They receive an understanding that the vision that YHVH has given them is exclusive and unique to them that nobody else can fulfill, and because of this understanding, competition and jealousy are eradicated amongst the teens and also in the Body of Y’shua thus enabling them to fulfill their calling and build the kingdom of YHVH in the earth.