Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. As many of you have seen I’ve been almost non existent on social media. There are many reasons that I won’t bore you with but honestly there is way too much noise on there and at times it’s very hard to stay focused on the signal. When I do venture out into the cess pool of social media platforms I’m kinda somewhat taken back by all the complaining that is coming forth from believers. Seems like everyone nowadays has jumped into the political ring because politics is starting to have an impact on all our lives.

I’ve lived in a “soft” socialist country, if there is such a thing as “soft socialism”, now for almost eighteen years. It hasn’t been fun at all, but I have learned a lot through the experiences over the years. My goal isn’t to offend or upset my fellow patriots or believers in the good ole USA. My goal is to shake us a little so that we start to prepare. Folks to be blunt, it isn’t going to go back to the way it was forty or fifty years ago no matter who wins the next presidential election. Like many of us think, our guns will not save us. Our fiat money isn’t going to save us anymore. Running off to the next prophetic conference isn’t necessarily the answer. Attending the next big Hebrew Roots conference or seminar isn’t necessarily going to bring about what we want. We better know Y’shua and have a firm relationship with Him. That is the best advice I can currently give.

It’s time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. I’ve been pretty embarrassed and let down by all the moaning and complaining online of some believers and even ministers that I’ve looked up to over the years. Here is the truth to why there is so much complaining going on. The heart of the matter is our flesh is uncomfortable with all the change that has happened as of late. I’ll raise my hand and be the first to admit my flesh too. The happy go lucky days of being free to do our own thing are over. This is really what is bothering folks.

1 Corinthians 6:20 For you were bought at a price: therefore glorify YHVH in your body and in your spirit, which are YHVH’s.
When is the last time you heard that Scripture taught at a conference or a fellowship meeting? Possibly a few places, but many teachers and preachers will not touch that specific message because it will not fill the seats. It definitely will it sell the products we offer after our lectures. If I’m wrong I would love to hear from you where and when you’ve heard a message about paying the price through laying down your life for your brother or sister. When was the last time you heard a message shared about being persecuted for your faith like our brothers and sisters in Vietnam, Laos, and China?

Their tongues are cut out for preaching the Gospel. Boiling water is forced down their throats because they dared take a stand against a worldly system that has declared itself “the Supreme Almighty”. They are killed arrested and tortured for their faith. I know first hand what they’ve experienced because I’ve met with these people while in Vietnam doing missions work. Again when is the last time we’ve heard a message about losing our life through taking a stand so that we can be and give the same kind of example that Y’shua gave?

I usually have ten or more Americans contact me every year saying something about I’m leaving the USA and am running for cover. Can I come to Costa Rica because I’ve heard it is less oppressive. My response is why are you climbing out of a frying pan to jump into a volcano with molten lava? Folks there is no place to run to. Oppression and corruption are everywhere. It lurks in and around every corner of every country. The time for running is over. The time for taking a stand for our faith IS NOW. If we are running away, in my opinion, this reveals a lot about how committed to the cause of Y’shua we are.
If Y’shua laid down His life and we are admonished to follow Him, doesn’t this mean we must be prepared to do same as Him? If we aren’t willing to give it all for Him, then what are really doing? What game are we really playing? Maybe it’s time to be less interested in going online and griping and complaining because we aren’t able to live in our white picketed fence imagery in the good ole USA anymore. Maybe we should get focused on preparing our families and our congregations on how to take a stand for our faith. We need to hear messages that can apply and are relevant for today. The historical and theological messages are needed. We must find ways to make our messages relevant and applicable to right here and right now. We have to start teaching folks through our actions, how to make a stand and be the light that Y’shua admonished us to be. Is there a cost in this? You bet it is. A hefty one. There was fine print in the covenant contract when we accepted salvation from our sins that many of us didn’t bother to read. To paraphrase it went somewhat like the following, “I gave and laid down My life for you and now in return it is unavoidable for you to do the same for Me.” Blessings and shalom