In this training center session Joel looks at some of the hindrances that keep people from accomplishing their vision.  One of the greatest causes of failure among people in all walks of life who are pursuing their visions is that they don’t identify their objective of success. People fail because they don’t know what they want to succeed in.  Many people make excuses and justifications as to why they aren’t fulfilling their purpose and vision in the earth.  Why?  I believe the root issue is they aren’t willing to die for what they are living for.  When a person gets this kind of revelation and attitude, he/she becomes dangerous to the enemy.  Are we seeing this attitude in the Messianic and Hebrew Roots Movement today?  Why or why not?  People have been engrained by our culture to be comfortable and not rock the boat and just fit in and try and be accepted by everyone.  The people who fit in will never reach their full potential in turing their dreams and vision into a reality that impacts a community, a generation, and a nation.  We must break free and come off the plantation (what society, culture, and religion says) standing up and standing out and declare that we aren’t going to take it anymore and from this moment forward we will be a trailblazer and a history maker moving forward to our destiny.

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