Does our identity in life come from the amount of “stuff” we have? Have we been sold a lie that tells us we are who we are because of what we have? What happens if what we have is removed? Then who are we?

We have a few choices to make. Can a person find value in their “stuff”? Yes one can, but what does that value look like when placed under the microscope of eternity? Our value doesn’t necessarily come from the duration of our life but our contribution. What have you and I contributed to the Kingdom of YHVH? Unfortunately many people are concerned about growing old instead of how they can be most effective.

When we have a purpose for our life, it disciplines our lives and chooses our habits. In other words, our purpose gives meaning (value) to our lives, and we go to extreme efforts in order to guard that purpose. It is in this moment when we encounter our identity, and realize why we were placed on this ball of dirt.

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