Evangelism With A Twist

Living Torah with others is easier than you might think!

Evangelism is an important project for Crucified Life Ministries but not the traditional way of knocking on someone’s door and getting them pray Y’shua into their hearts.

We have several methods of doing evangelism but one of the most important is through construction projects.

This is one of our ways of living the Scriptures with those around us no matter if they are believers or not. Some of the construction projects that Crucified Life Ministries has done in the past are as follows: replacing a roof on a widows house, building a fellowship a building with bathrooms, gutting and completely remodeling a widow’s kitchen and bathroom, putting a sheetrock ceiling in for a small rural elementary school, and my wife remodeling a widow’s kitchen, living room, and floor. I wasn’t present for the project my wife did because every year during the months of July and August I travel to Alaska to work a secular job on a seining boat for salmon in order to put food on our table and also to help support the work of the ministry in Costa Rica.

Our work in orphanages and with widows is another outreach area that involved the teens from the group, Jovenes de Tiendas. There are two orphanages that we visit and serve in. One in Limon called S.O.S. and the other in Moravia. Over the years we were blessed to donate baby cribs, high chairs, food, clothes, and school supplies. Over the years we’ve been able to help different widows throughout Costa Rica and recently donations that we received enabled us to purchase lots of things that she needed in her day to day life.

We also have been able to bless less fortunate people in our village with school supplies, school uniforms, and books for their children to be able to go to school. This type of outreach also extends to the Cabecar Indigenous tribe that live near Beit Lechem Farm.

Food from the gardens at Beit Lechem Farm as I’ve mentioned already has proven to be another effective way of doing outreach evangelism.

Crucified Life Ministries would like to thank those of you who contribute to the ministry. We are able to do some of the projects mentioned above through your generous donations and financial gifts. Also God opened a door for me several years ago to be able to provide for my family and provide for some ministry projects through ‘my tent making job’ in Alaska salmon fishing.