This is the first of several trailers for the Crucified Life Ministries missions training center in Costa Rica. Each trailer will focus on a different area that we teach the participants during the training center.

In this trailer you will view clips from organic gardening @ Beit Lechem Farm, teaching and equipping sessions, and outreach evangelism (elementary school gardening project). Everything we do during the training center whether natural or spiritual has a purpose in teaching us about the Creator of the Universe.

C.L.M. is determined and passionate about raising up spiritual sons and daughters (discipleship) in order that they can go on to accomplish great things for the Kingdom. Hopefully greater things that my wife and I could ever accomplish! We are working hard to reproduce what we do in others. We show the participants how we’ve done it, in other words, so that they can return home start a ministry and do the same thing. There are plenty of people all around us that need us to reach out to them. You don’t have to go to a third world country to serve in missions. It starts right where you are planted and your now determines what the Creator gives you next. I humbly ask you what is it you are doing now to serve in the Kingdom of YHVH?

This training center is designed to teach, impact, and influence each participant in the area of recognizing, understanding, and achieving their vision and role in the Kingdom of YHVH. We strive hard to serve others by teaching through action what it means to actually do missions and ministry in YHVH’s kingdom. We don’t wan’t anyone to miss this awesome opportunity and never learn nor understand what it actually means to do ministry in God’s Kingdom. Come participate in the training center and find your purpose in life.

If you are interested in more information about this training center or any other missions projects that Crucified Life Ministries oversees, please visit