Have you heard of the dunghill experience? If not 1 Samuel 2:8 mentions it. There is a purpose in “living” on the dunghill. This teaching examines 1 Samuel chapter 1 and what Hannah had to endure in order to birth Samuel, who in return ministered to and blessed Israel for 94 years. Many times while going through trials, testings, and tribulations we don’t understand the why part? Many believers have thrown in the towel due to the magnitude of the testing. This is why Scripture says that many are called but few are chosen.

In other words the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing. Our flesh is at enmity with the Creator and must be dealt with. One of the biggest weapons we have in dealing with our flesh is our faith. Hannah is a great example of how a person can use their faith on their flesh in order to obey Yahweh. Samuel was birthed out of Hannah’s intercession and total surrender which was brought about by the “dunghill process” by the God of Israel. The dunghill process removes pride, selfishness, and all things that would taint us from going all the way with the Creator. The main reason why this process is so important and difficult is because we are brought to the place where we are pressed beyond having to see” it” ourselves. In other words, we come to the place of willingly laying down our life, honor, time, energy, and finances in order to pay the price for something that only a younger generation will come into and see the fullness of. This is what a true minister and ministry does. Hannah’s story leaves us a great example to live by.

Y’shua was committed unto death. Every believer would agree that He is our example to live by and after. I humbly leave you with a question that must be answered. What are you committed to?