There is no better time than right now to start effectively making disciples.  For the past four years during the HRTWAM teen camp, I’ve asked teens several questions concerning discipleship.  Is there someone mentoring you besides your parents?  Does your fellowship leader take time outside of Bible study or Torah study to train and equip you in areas that you are gifted in?  Are you allowed to share a lesson or message at your fellowship?

Those are just a few questions I ask.  Unfortunately the answers are the same about 99.99% of the time.  A big fat NO.  One of the reasons I started asking those questions was due to some answers to other questions I’d asked at past camps.

I started seeing a terrible trend about four years ago amongst the teens.  Many of them struggle with self esteem issues, some have suicidal thoughts and have tried to go through with the act, others are secretly and even openly cutting themselves, some have been physically and sexually abused, and the majority of them don’t know or understand their purpose.  Guys, fyi, these aren’t worldly or lukewarm teens.  These are commandment keeping kids that I’m referring to.  To be blunt and very clear, most of these issues could be cleared up by discipleship.

Our children need more than a super trendy message about the “Joshua” generation.  They need to be taught and shown how to be great; not just told that.  They need to be shown how to make their own history and not try and repeat or relive someone else’s.  I’m just being honest and hopefully not too brutal.  I’m forty-three years old and have heard the “Joshua” generation spill since I was fifteen.  It’s becoming somewhat old and redundant, and the teens have picked up on that. We have to stop talking AT them and give them day to day tools in which they can use on themselves and others.  These tools come from being discipled.  This isn’t as difficult as one would think.  Time, sacrifice in different areas, energy, effort, and finances are a few things that are required to get the “tools” into the hands of those being discipled.  Where there IS a will, there IS a way!

One thing I’ve observed as someone takes the time and effort to pour into (discipling) the teens, they start to feel and experience their worth or value.  I’ve seen YHVH bring complete deliverance and total healing to teens, as well as adults, just from the realization of their worth in Y’shua through discipleship.  I admit I’m somewhat biased about our HRTWAM camp, but it is due to the fruit I’ve seen come out of this camp.  YHVH is showing up and changing lives in many different ways and the teens are responding to Y’shua’s mandate of bearing His light.

When I started doing missions in Central America almost fifteen years ago, I didn’t see the bigger picture as I do now.  The projects and different outreaches that YHVH gave C.L.M. to oversee aren’t being used to just serve people in Central America and Costa Rica but people from different nations especially teens from the U.S.A.

For example, last year at the HRTWAM camp it was very humbling and a great responsibility to have six different nations participate in the camp.  Many of the activities at the HRTWAM camp come from different ministry projects and outreaches that C.L.M. launched and is still a part of.  What is awesome about these projects and outreaches is they are being not only used to teach about discipleship but used to disciple others.  In other words, the teens get on the job training from spending the day and sharing in different ways with the kids at the Aldeas Infantiles S.O.S. Orphanage in Limon.  This is how they start to realize their value and that they actually can do something for the Kingdom right here and right now!  How important is discipling others?  Check out this testimony.

Several years ago there was a camper struggling with self esteem and a physical disability.  Throughout the camp with each outreach evangelism activity the camper participated in – the on the job training that I’m always referring to – the camper started to realize hey I can do this and actually become what the Creator has destined for me to be.  The camper went from living with and accepting a physical disability to actually having corrective surgery. Now that teen is coordinating a big HR / Messianic music festival as well as leading praise and worship.  In other words, this person went from sitting on the bench to becoming a game changer just by getting a few new tools to work with in life.  A very shy and timid person because of a physical disability thought they would never do anything for the Creator.  Now this person is accomplishing great things by fulfilling their purpose.

This came about because YHVH moved on the HRTWAM staff to try and make a difference in others.  The HRTWAM staff cared enough to give someone an opportunity, a little bit of our time, energy, on the job training, hands on experience, a platform, and encouragement to release their gift to the rest of the world.  Now this young person and others are blazing a trail for Y’shua and making Him proud. This is how important discipleship is and how much of an impact on our society it can make.

Who are you currently discipling?  If nobody, why not?