The ministry project that I would like to share with you all is similar to the cacao or chocolate project that I’ve been a part of.  This project is based on executing justice and righteousness.  I’ve written extensively about this subject in the past.  What I will say about justice and righteousness is that it is very dear to the Creator.  It is the foundation of what His Constitution, the Torah, was and to this day is still based upon.  Y’shua came and exemplified this concept from the beginning to the end of His ministry.  You and I have been left with big shoes to fill, and we can do it.  We are even commanded to do it.
“He has told you, O man, what is good: and what does Elohim require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with YHVH?”  Micah 6:8
Stay with me for a minute as I set the stage.  In 2011 my family and I moved to our farm.  We moved a day before the biblical feast of Trumpets.  The reason why was to be able to make a proclamation over our farm which is a tradition at the celebration of the Feast of Trumpets.  I named our farm Beit Lechem because that means house of bread and in scripture there are many instances where bread has the meaning of life or something that sustains life.  My vision for our farm was for it to be a light on the hill that would bring forth bountiful blessings for others to partake of.  It has been that and even more than I possibly imagined.
Years ago I was able to buy a group of heifer calves and my journey as a cattle farmer started.  Little did I know at that time YHVH had even bigger plans with Beit Lechem and cows.  The cows increased on my farm after a few years and one day my oldest son, Jachin Tobiah, came to me and said Dad I had a dream that our farm was full of red cows.  I didn’t write it off because YHVH clearly speaks to us through our dreams, but I honestly didn’t ponder too long about it at the time because all my animals where Brahmans that were white as snow.
It was three years after my son’s dream that the first red animals, Beefmasters, came to our farm.  It was only 8 cows, but the day they arrived, which was on my birthday, my son’s dream came right back into my mind as if he had just told me. I knew then that YHVH was up to something bigger than I had understood.  I didn’t have a bull at the time so I decided to go take a university class on artificial insemination.  That was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.  Now how did I start out talking about justice and righteousness and now it’s about artificial insemination? I know it may sound strange. I only wanted to A.I. on my farm, but the class set the stage for what I’ve been doing the past two years with many people. I never would have known the people that I’ve crossed paths with if it was not due to learning how to artificial inseminate cows.
Now onto the good part.  This project has allowed me to witness and share the gospel with people who weren’t believers.  It has allowed me to minister to people in need through prayer and giving counsel, but one of the most important aspects of this project is the economical and social impact on our community.  We live in the poorest province in Costa Rica and our area doesn’t offer much employment other than the Dole banana plantation. The Beefmaster breed is a new breed to our area because here in Costa Rica the Brahman breed is king. With the artificial insemination project, I’m using the Beefmaster breed (red in color) to cross with my customers Brahman cows.  This cross is producing an animal that is not only 50-60% heavier but is reaching that percentage 2 to 3 months quicker than other breeds here in Costa Rica.  This equates to more profit for the producer in less time.
Many of my Costa Rican friends tell me I’m a pioneer because of the impact that our project is having.  I always stop them and explain that it is all YHVH.  He gave the idea and plan.  My role is to execute it being honest, fair, and having integrity with my clients. The positive impact has been tremendous for cattlemen and their families economically and spiritually.  It has even helped a few farms from going out of business because now their farms have become profitable again. Most importantly it has forged relationships with others where I’m able to minister to my clients and be a part of brining “life” while executing justice and righteousness.  While it is a business, we are a business doing ministry and not a ministry doing business.  Shalom and blessings.