As I’m writing, my mind is racing here and there with hot topics and latest trends. I’ve been doing some research while in Alaska, and the research deals with the next generation ages 18-29. Many people are currently talking about our broken systems, agencies, and government. When corruption is in charge, chaos and decomposition on all fronts manifest. That, my friends, is what we are seeing take place right before us today. Most everything seems to be broken, or dysfunctional, and there is a lack of trust in our political and spiritual leaders. I was reading a statistic put out by The Barna Group recently, and it was pointing out why so many young adults are leaving the faith and fellowships. What most of these young adults mentioned was their lack of faith and confidence in organizations. Due to so much corruption in religion, politics, and big corporations, young adults are very skeptical today.

I say the time is ripe to come out of the closet and let honor and integrity spring forth to combat all this corruption around us. The next generation is tribal. What do I mean by tribal? They like groups, and this is why social media has exploded in this age group. They can be a part of a group or groups or a tribe where they find their place and find meaning and feel accepted. This my friends is another area where I believe we are missing the mark in our fellowships. The way we’ve done ministry has served its purpose and functioned for the season in which it was ordained, but in order to move forward into what YHVH has next, change has to be implemented. The focus has to shift to a more personal and relational level in order that true discipleship can take place. Videos and audios are super important, but a hands-on, eye-to-eye, face-to-face relationship is where YHVH is taking leaders and talmidim (disciples) in the next phase.

We have sat on the sidelines long enough looking at charts and tirelessly in the film room watching film on our opponent. It’s time to step on the field, put our mouthpiece in, and get ready for four quarters of battling it out with our opponent. The gloves have come off, and all the talking leading up to big game has come to an end. The time to perform is NOW! This has been why the preparation has been so tough and testy. I wondered why football practice was so tough during the week, but looking back, it was to prepare us for our opponent. Many of you reading this have been in preparation for years, and you’ve been sitting on the bench waiting for the Creator to put you in the game. Well, first you need to get up off the bench and go stand by the Creator to let Him know you are ready to enter the field of play. You and I have been equipped with everything we need to defeat our opponent. We have to play to the best of our abilities and play smarter than our opponent, using our gifts and talents while on the field. If we remain sitting on the bench, that is where we will be.

We have to face this thing head on if we are going to bring about positive change. If all the systems are corrupt, why not display and manifest what responsibility, honesty, and integrity are? Instead of secluding ourselves from society, why not jump right into it and let your light shine? At the end of the day, you and I will give an account as to what we did with our resources. I want my life to bear proof, and I don’t want to justify and make excuses as to why I wasn’t a good steward over the things Abba gave me. I don’t want to make excuses and justify why I didn’t fulfill my purpose and function in it because, in the end, that’s what matters.