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Raising Up Spiritual Sons & SpiritualDaughters!

Producing a generation of leaders who change the world
The idea for a ministry training center came one year while working with the HRTWAM teen camps.    While Joel is one of the co-founders of the teen camp,  the training center is a separate project from HRTWAM.  The story goes, as follows, few years back during one of the camps, the teens were coming to visit Beit Lechem Farm (our farm).  Before their arrival, I was digging around the roots of a papaya tree so I could apply worm casting fertilizer to it.  I had what I refer to as a “Brad Scott moment”.  A Brad Scott moment is when your hands are in the dirt and Abba begins to speak to you through His creation.  In other words, just as I was fertilizing the papaya tree which was just entering in the fruiting stage, the light bulb went off.  A spiritual idea came forth from the natural.  Start a training center that helps young adults who feel called to missions or ministry.

Training Center Purpose

  • Offer an opportunity to work with a ministry that has been established since 1999. 2017 will mark 13 years as an int’l ministry working throughout Central America

  • Teach a proper definition, perspective, understanding, and foundation of missions
  • Offer an environment where participants gain hands-on experience learning while practicing
  • Understand yes or no, if this is what God is calling you to do
  • Offer an experience serving and living in another culture, another language, and in the midst of the Costa Rican people
  • Offer an opportunity to learn many aspects of farm life in a tropical country with an emphasis on gardening and sustainability (natural and spiritual aspects)
  • Offer an opportunity to work in a cacao/chocolate project, when the cacao is in season, with the Cabecar tribe (Indigenous) of southeast Costa Rica, a project that has the potential of touching lots of people’s lives and prospering a community
  • Participants gain experience teaching and tutoring elementary children in English
  • Learning how to speak publicly and gain experience while speaking to different congregations in Costa Rica
  • Participants will be trained how to study the Scriptures and prepare messages and teachings
  • Removes participants from all distractions in order to hear God

The training center will be used as a platform or springboard, if you will.  A place where participants will not just receive a class room setting environment but extensive hands on training that will equip them to go forth and be a laborer in the harvest.  We teach/emphasize/demonstrate working together as a team.  We do not focus solely on “doctrine” but “action”.  We do not major on minors either.  The world in which we live is a battlefield where people die and have no hope on a daily basis.  Folks are looking for someone to do something for them or help them get out of the place they are in.  Our actions really do speak louder than words.  I’ve experienced this over and over again when I do something for someone, it usually has a greater effect than any sermon that I could share.  The agenda for the training center is service.  Will we be found occupying when Messiah returns?

And he called his ten servants, and delivered to them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.  Luke 19:13

We have heard much talk about a Joshua and Caleb generation for many years.  Could this be them?  Only time will tell.  This training center will strive to raise up the next generation in order that they may go forward and redeem the failures of the generation/s that preceded them.  Our job is to try and work ourselves out of a job.  I have always believed that success has nothing to do with numbers but judged by if we are reproducing and duplicating ourselves.  The knowledge and experience gained by participating in this training center will enrich ones life on multiple levels and give them a true world view and prepare them to go forth in the harvest making disciples thus reproducing themselves wherever the God of Israel sends them.  It sure is funny how many natural and spiritual things you can learn from digging around in the soil.  I was actually digging around the base of a papaya tree that is on our property applying organic fertilizer.  I noticed a little papaya fruit beginning to form and lots of other awesome smelling flowers coming out of this tree and it was in that moment that everything began to come together about the training center.  As the papaya tree needs fertilizer in order to remain healthy and fulfill its purpose in producing its fruit so it is the desire of my heart to see the training center be a fertilizer for the participants.

For as the days of a tree are the days of my people, and my elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands. Isaiah 65:22b

Training Center Requirements

  • Must be a believer in Y’shua and live according to the Scriptures (Genesis-Revelation)
  • Must be 18 – 20 years old (special exceptions can be made)
  • Must be able to serve 30 days
  • Be a responsible, respectful, and a mature person with a desire and spirit to learn, serve, and participate
  • Must be able to prepare your meals as well as maintaining your house clean on a daily basis
  • Must be able to buy your airfare to and from Costa Rica, buy your groceries (usually $200 a month), pay half of the light bill (the monthly light bill averages $120), have your own spending money for restaurants, food during travels, and bus rides and/or taxi rides (your debit/credit cards will work in the ATM machines here)
  • Able to cook food, as in a meal, meaning more than just being able to open a box of macaroni and cheese

If you meet the above requirements, then please proceed to the application process below.

Spring Semester 2018    February-March  (3 spots left)

Online Application