In this training center episode, Joel shares about vision.  This is something that the Hebrew Roots movement has not necessarily lost but has forgotten.  After a few years in the movement, things become normal and routine and instead of ‘doing through our actions’ folks sit around and talk about ‘acting and doing’ and that’s about as far as it goes.  Our example is Y’shua the Messiah.  How are we living up to his example that he left us?  Y’shua was a doer of the Word of Yahweh, and he is someone that we are commanded to be a follower of.  This training center has been so refreshing for me because it has caused me to re examine a lot of things that I did in the beginning of the ministry here in Costa Rica over eleven years ago. One of those areas that I’ve been revisiting has been the area of vision and how important it is in our lives.  In this episode, Joel shares from his experiences from being in ministry for over fifteen years as well as from a book (The principles & power of vision) he read about vision eleven years ago that helped him achieve his goals and vision for the ministry.  This is part one in this series.  This material is being used in the training center as well as the Hebrew Roots Teens With A Mission camps.  Blessings and shalom.

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