Join Rico Cortes and the WIT -Talmidim Teachers, Daniel McGirr (Ancient Covenant Ministries), Matthew Vander Els (Founded In Truth), Ryan White (Rooted In Torah), Tyler Dawn Rosenquist (The Ancient Bridge Ministries), and Joel Sanchez (Crucified Life Ministries) as they teach and discuss The Royal Messenger. The Importance of The Royal Messenger in the Ancient near eastern culture and scriptures. Specially on this messenger being the one who proclaims freedom for the Great King.

This was my first time to be able to be a part of this discussion.  I have internet issues that keep me from being on this program on a weekly basis.  I was at a friends who had high speed internet and praise Yah I was able to get in on the action.

If you are thinking about denying Y’shua as the Messiah or have friends who are on the verge of denying Y’shua as the Messiah then this is a must hear message.  The Royal Messenger gives us a look into the Ancient Near context/culture of what that messenger did and the message that he/she brought forth.  The sobering thing that I brought away from this discussion is that if you ‘reject’ the messenger or his message, then what you are really doing is rejecting the ONE/King who sent the messenger as well as the message.

So please think twice before you make the decisions of saying the Torah no longer exists which in reality is rejecting the ONE/King who penned the Torah as well as denying Y’shua who was the messenger of the ONE/King, YHVH, who sent him with the message of Torah.