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Minister in Costa Rica.

Red Cows, Justice and Righteousness

The ministry project that I would like to share with you all is similar to the cacao or chocolate project that I’ve

Red Cows, Justice and Righteousness2022-09-30T23:15:48+00:00

Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. As many of you have seen I’ve been almost non existent on social media. There are many

Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable2021-10-12T19:28:27+00:00

Capitalizing in the Midst of a Crisis

The year 2020 will be remembered for some time. The year that ____________. Just fill in the blank. There is a lot

Capitalizing in the Midst of a Crisis2020-11-01T10:45:10+00:00

Are You Unhappy with Your Life?

Do you know why you exist?  If so, do you know specifically where you are going in life?  One of the

Are You Unhappy with Your Life?2020-02-20T07:46:18+00:00

Old Versus New

If you pay attention to the news it's somewhat hard these days not to get political.  I was pondering the other day

Old Versus New2019-11-03T09:48:15+00:00
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