Proclaiming Restoration To The WHOSOEVERS!

Reaching into the homes of North, Central, and South America.

Restoration Project Costa Rica is Crucified Life Ministries monthly outreach newsletter that is emailed to over 500 believers monthly around the world.  Joel began this project solo in 2006 and in 2012 was joined by Rick Godley and Mark Call.  In 2014 Matt Nappier of Going to Goshen Ministries also joined the line up.

In 2015 Rick resigned his post to pursue other ventures and Joel asked Joanna Kane, one of the participants of the missions training center, to fill the gap for a brief period until his next writer was ready.

Marcia Gomez, president of the Costa Rican teen group Jovenes de Tiendas, came on board in June 2015 and offered Restoration Project Costa Rica something totally new and fresh being Costa Rican.  She speaks English very well and serves as one of our translators during our annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration as well as other events that may have a mixed crowd of English and Spanish speakers.

While the writers are contributors to Restoration Project Costa Rica, they have separate ministries apart from Crucified Life Ministries.  If you have questions about any of their articles, please feel free to contact them through email.  Their addresses can be found on the last page of each newsletter on this site.

In 2014 Tatiana Viquez, another Costa Rican, joined C.L.M. as a translator.  She began translating our written Old Testament commentaries into Spanish for the Costa Rican Association website, Tiendas de los hijos de Yosef, and in 2015 I asked her if she would translate other articles as well as Restoration Project Costa Rica into Spanish and she agreed.  Now this outreach newsletter will be able to reach the homes of people in Central and South America.