I enjoy all of the shows we’ve done, but sometimes, shows stand on their own as being particularly anointed. This is one of them.

Today Howie of Mishkanim generously stepped in to cover for Kimberly Rogers while she’s visiting in Israel and we had the pleasure of interviewing Joel Sanchez of Crucified Life Ministries.  www.crucifiedlifemin.com

I invite you to listen in to what blessed me and I’m sure will bless you.  For over 11 years Joel and Gabby Sanchez have been steadily and quietly sowing Torah in Costa Rica on a scale that has brought YHVH great honor.  The Sanchez’s interact with their community by growing food and making it available for free to those who do not have any, visiting the orphans, conversing with the seniors plus two teen camps held once a year, one for the Spanish speaking and the other for English speaking – FREE, plus MORE!

The teens are trained to interact and as Joel put it – to be activated to serve according to their gifts and talents.  Suddenly, teens who have been in the background start to lead!  Joel encourages those who have been called to minister to look into his “Hebrew Roots Missions Training Center” where one on one training takes place to further the gospel and encourages the student to stand out in their calling.  All this results in action to Torah making His calling not just about rules and regulations.  This is where drill camp starts and leaders emerge!

Many thanks to Bill and Angie Bishop of Project Benjamin who first laid the groundwork in Costa Rica before returning to the States.  It was a while before the Father finally convinced Joel to pick up the mantle left behind and to continue building on the foundation laid.  But that they did and we now have a number of opportunities being laid out for all brethren internationally as well!

It’s not about competition, envy or division but it IS about competence, encouragement and unity and that is exactly what is happening -> starting with the teens first!  But if you are not a teen don’t feel left out – Joel and his wife Gabby also host Sukkot which brings in brethren from Nicaragua, Panama and the States!  Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

Have you been thinking about relocating to Costa Rica?  You may want to listen in first and call Joel to get additional information, it may save your eternal life.

Please listen in to this incredible interview with Joel Sanchez who is doing YHVH’s work and has openings for your involvement too!  From May 3-18, Joel will be visiting the Orlando, Florida area and would be happy to accept invitations from other assemblies to possibly come and visit them too.

Joel can be contacted at www.crucifiedinlifemin.comwww.hrtwam.com (Hebrew Roots Teens With A Mission), and www.lasraiceshebreas.com or he can be reached directly through fb as well under Cl Min.   Joel can also be seen on youtube under his account of joelsfp.

If you’ve been looking at how to further the gospel and contribute to the training of the next generation, please listen to this interview.  It would be hard to tell you everything we talked about and it is worth your time to listen.

Finally, I’d also like to mention that Mishkanim‘s schedule this weekend will take them to Lake City, Florida for ‘Rivers in the Desert’ gathering.  For more information go to mishkanim.com and see their schedule.

Thank you all for joining us today, we pray you and yours be blessed as  you seek YHVH’s will in your lives.  Teresa & Kimberly