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Terumah (Contributions) Torah: Exodus 25:1-27:19 Haftarah: I Kings 5:26-6:13 Brit Chadasha: Mark 12:41-44 “And they shall know that I am Yahweh their

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Mishpatim (Statutes) Torah: Exodus 21:1-24:18 Haftarah: II Kings 11:17-12:17 Brit Chadasha: Luke 21:29-38 The Bondservant This week’s portion begins talking about servants. 

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Yitro (Jethro) Torah: Exodus 18:1-20:23 Haftarah: Isaiah 6:1-7:6, 9:5-6 Brit Chadasha: James 4:11-17 Priesthood I started off with a verse that we

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Beshalach (When he Let Go) Torah: Exodus 13:17-17:16 Haftarah: Judges 4:4 -5:31 Brit Chadasha: John 16:7-33 Come Together In this week’s portion

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Founded In Truth Missions Trip

Tribute paid to victims of the earthquake Lorem ipsum dolor sit ets amet, consectetur adipiscing elit sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt

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Thoughts, Actions, Habits, Characters, and Destinies

Many times people don’t give their choices much thought.  This rings true for many children and teens.  Usually, the younger the person

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Bo (Enter I Go) Torah: Exodus 10:1 – 13:16 Haftarah: Jeremiah 46:13-28 Brit Chadasha: Ephesians 2:1-22 Trust in Him In the ending

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Va’era (And I Appeared) Torah: Exodus 6:2 – 9:35 Haftarah: Isaiah 66:1-24 Brit Chadasha: Colossians 1:9-22 Hard as a Rock When I

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Shemot (Names) Torah: Exodus 1:1 – 6:1 Haftarah: Isaiah 27:6-28:13 Brit Chadasha: Philemon 4:4-13 How soon can our ‘blessings’ turn right around

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