I would like to ask a sincere question. What do you care about? Be careful how you answer! If we were to take a look at the balance part of your checkbook or your online banking transactions, would it line up with how you answered that question? What has your attention HAS YOU!!! Many people assume just because they have the Torah then they are good and in right standing with the Creator of the Universe. Many people believe who they are is directly related to the toys or stuff that they have. That is a tragedy. My wife was talking to a Hispanic lady at this conference and the lady was going on and on about how her dreams had come true because of the expensive car she was able to buy (the American dream). That’s a tragedy. That’s a tragedy in the making, in my humble opinion, because if we get our worth or our identity from the ‘stuff’ or toys we have, then who are we when the Creator allows those things to be removed from our lives. Billions of dollars are spent every year so that you and I buy into this false reality and it is a tragedy that many buy into this. Yes even many of you that will listen to this message have bought into to so please don’t point fingers at that crowd over there. Our checkbook transactions reveal what we truly care about. It’s not about what we say we care about but again show my your banking transactions and I’ll tell you what your actions say you care about. With that said, please go look at your banking transactions and compare what you spend on you verses what you spend on widows, orphans, needy, and other ministries who are serving in the Kingdom. What has your attention HAS YOU!!! I know I sound like a broken record but if you honestly take the time and look, your bank transactions will reveal what truly has your attention. For those who haven’t tuned me out, I could go on and on here but I will not. I believe this message speaks for itself though. I will finish with this. Most of you reading/listening to this either go to a fellowship or are leaders of a fellowship. The reason why Christianity has been able to hang around is due to its outreach and financial support of missions. One main reason why the Torah based movement has become irrelevant is due to the lack of financial support for outreach. I’ve asked multiple individuals, ministers, and leaders of Torah based fellowships to explain to me their vision. In all of their explanations, the phrases light, salt, reaching out, restoration, and helping the poor widows and needy always come up. These are noble words but here is my question. Outside of ‘talking/teaching’ about those things what are we doing financially to bring about light, salt, restoration, and taking care of the poor and widows? How many widows have you supported financially as an individual? As a fellowship? How many ministries has your fellowship supported or currently supporting financially? What would happen if we had a conference and widows and orphans or the indigenous that I personally know and hang out with here in Costa Rica were brought before you and they began to explain how life really is for them. Why aren’t we having those kinds of conferences????

Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth? Galatians 4:16