An Organic Farm In The Mountains of the Caribbean!

A farm that truly lives up to its Hebrew name, House of Bread.

Located in the mountainous area of southeast Costa Rica lies Beit Lechem Farm.  This farm is rich in family history due to my wife’s grandfather founding the village in 1970.  In 2009 Crucified Life Ministries began construction on a house and a ministry facility on this farm which was completed in 2011.

This seventy acre farm has been a vital resource for the ministry.  Even though Beit Lechem serves many different purposes, these purposes all tie into building the Kingdom of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

One of the most important areas of the farm is the gardening aspect.  The gardens, which are grown year round, produce a substantial amount of food for our family.  Many times there is extra to bless Indigenous families and other needy families from the village.  Joel also uses the gardens to teach prophecy and spiritual principles to the participants of the missions training center as well as making instructional videos about organic gardening and spiritual principles.

Beit Lechem Farm has also become a great witnessing tool that empowers us to not just “talk” about the Scriptures but live them with those around us.  Joel has personally been approached by several men in the village and thanked for being a positive example to them and an encouragement. These men thought that the ground in this area was infertile and no longer would produce.  Needless to say, they have seen otherwise what organic farming along with the help of the God of Israel can do.

We also use Beit Lechem to celebrate the appointed times of the God of Israel, to hold leadership meetings, to host leadership meetings for the two teen camps, to host the teens from the youth camps for a day teaching them organic gardening techniques, to host the training center, to house the training center participants, and to host retreats for U.S. and Costa Rican family and friends.  We’ve even used it to have a wedding.

From day one when this farm was purchased, it was set apart and dedicated to being used for the work of the God of Israel.  It has developed into being an established command/operating base for Crucified Life Ministries.  Our desire is that Beit Lechem truly lives up to its name and is able to provide ‘bread’ to all those who might be hungry.