C.L.M. has over fifteen years of experience serving in ministry with the past eleven of those years laboring in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  Our agenda isn’t to build our ministry and kingdom but to build the Creator’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  C.L.M.’s agenda is to promote and push forward other people rather than us. Part of C.L.M.’s mission is to be a platform that believers can use to learn from and receive hands-on experience in the area of ministry training with the ultimate goal of reproducing more workers working together to bring in the harvest while preparing the Bride of Y’shua.  The other part of C.L.M.’s mission is to function as a toolbox.  For example, if you are lacking a tool for the job that YHVH has called you to do, then come over to our toolbox (the ministry) and open it and look around for that tool you need.  When you find it, take that specific tool out and use it to complete your job.  Simplicity makes life easy. If you are thinking of becoming a minister, missionary, or wanting to find your purpose in life, C.L.M. can help you in those areas.  The training center allows you to spend time in a different culture, with different people, and learn a different language while being located in an area far away from all the “distractions” that you are accustomed to.  The training center will unearth quickly if this is what you want to do with your life.  If you decide this is what you want to do, C.L.M. will do everything that it possibly can to help you become what you want to become whether working in Costa Rica with us, working independently apart from us in Costa Rica, or working in another country.  If you decide this isn’t for you, this isn’t a problem either.  It can be a blessing.  If you come down and see this isn’t something you would really like to do with your life, then praise YHVH because through C.L.M. He has saved you from making a big mistake that could cost you much and cause you to be offended towards YHVH. Another area of interest for leaders of Hebrew Roots/Messianic communities in the States is that of outreach and missions.  The different areas that have been a tremendous blessing to C.L.M. and others who have come down to serve alongside us are orphanage work, nursing home work, feeding the homeless, indigenous work, teen camp work, and holding teaching seminars/conferences for the Costa Rican Messianic/Hebrew Roots communities.  Believers who have come down and served in one of the areas mentioned have returned to their home fellowships encouraged, inspired, and fired up to make a difference.  Many adults and teens have taken ACTION and have become involved in some way or form in making a difference in their local communities.

If C.L.M. can serve you in anyway, please don’t hesitate to let us know.